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Hi, I'm Angi. 

Welcome to my site.

I have been an artist most of my life, a graphic designer for about a third of it. Now I'm at the part of my life where I'm focusing on my creative side; like painting, teaching, creating and spending time family & friends. This site is about the first three of those things. Please, enjoy your visit...

Mission One: Teach

My first mission is to TEACH & SHARE my studio and knowledge with you. I love to see the passion of art being brought out in someone... CLASSES (section is in pull down menu in top right corner) available for individuals, small groups & home school students.


If you are someone who has always wanted to give art a try, always had a yearning, but did not want to take a risk in a big, scary public place (they really aren't usually scary), then this is the place for you. I don't bite, and I am told I am pretty nice, lol. See some reviews in the REVIEW section.

I am also here to help those who already have experience with art. You may learn new styles and explore new techniques. You may also teach me as well, I surely do not know everything by a long shot. I just love sharing what I do know.

Mission Two: Portfolio

My second mission is to have a platform to SHARE MY ART with you, (no, not in a braggy way). I am often asked, "where can I see your art?" and "where can I purchase your art?" So two birds...

This includes a Gallery and a Store section. I have recently added some jewelry that I have made from the leftover scraps of my acrylic pour painting. I promise they are more pretty than they sound.

Charcoal on charcoal paper
Acrylic on Canvas
Pastel on Canson Pastel Paper

Mission Three: Social Media Sharing

My third mission will be, someday hopefully in the near future, to SHARE ACROSS SOCIAL MEDIA and YouTube ideas, tools/techniques that I find relative to art in my world and also maybe yours. 

Let's be creative on this journey of ours!!!

The video above shows one way to create a pegboard solution for holding a large set of colored pencils, but could be used for other supplies or tools.


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If you're interested in scheduling a class or workshop, I'm located in the foothills of Sacramento, CA

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Ready to make art?

I'm here for you.

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