Should Artwork Match the Sofa?

April 17, 2019

A note from Angi

This came across my Facebook page and I thought it was a great meme to share and a great subject to discuss. It is true that sometimes we try to match items to go with our furnishings; it seems like good interior design to some people. Sometimes art can stand on its own and does not have to "match" the drapes and couch. In fact, sometimes it is better if it doesn't.

I perused some articles online and it seems that the majority in the art industry seem to prefer that you chose your art based on your emotional response to it. Is it something you want in your home/space? You will be living with it after all. 

I found the following link to be the best overall in my quick research on the subject:

From an interior designer's point of view, this link shows an excellent example:

As for the meme that is shown in the photo above, I found out who the art belongs to and where it can be purchased. It really is cool.

Hope you enjoyed this blog and hope you have a beautiful and creative day. Take care.